Unexpected beauty, all around.

When putting my things together for work, and that not only is great fun but suddenly also results in pure beauty… 🤩

Just choosed, once again, at least some of my best-loved singing bowls out of my (in the meantime quite huge) collection, to take them with me for my next soundbath-session during Christmas Holidays.
Spoilt for choice, I can tell you, and always one of the most difficult things to do – but at the same time most enjoyable & relaxing.

In the end, funny enough, all of these, which sound together in such a harmony, also fit together inside each other perfectly… 🤣…
That really doesn’t happen very often, I can tell you.

Kunstvolles Foto von ineinander gestellten Klangschalen

And then, on top, I recognised: what a look they have all together…!

So guys, here is my recommendation of the day:

Let yourself be surprised! 😎 Just keep your eyes open; unexpected beauty is all around.

(not only while “it’s the most wonderful time of the year“…! 😉)

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